Biosfera believes that continuing education is an added value that implements the quality of services and the value of the professional technique. That is why we carried out a regular program of improvement in technical training that is taught both by our experts and by other renowned professionals of the sector, highlighting some technical seminars on new technologies, tools and applications of great interest in the work of environmental consulting industry. These seminars and courses are posted on our BLOG.

Biosfera also established several cooperation agreements with various institutions like the University of Oviedo, Leon University, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the University of Alcala de Henares, among others, as well as other Training Centres and Institutions Researchers, maintaining a program for young graduates who need to start or expand your work experience whenever they want to guide their profile environmental consulting, biodiversity, environmental management and conservation of the environment and natural resources and other environmental work associated with each degree.

This work placement program allows one hand to complement the academic training of students, and on the other expanding fields of knowledge and the services offered by Biosfera, establishing and meeting interesting synergies possible candidates to work with us in the future. A significant percentage of our workers began their professional development with this type of program.

That is why we invite those interested in our training, whether institutions, individuals, recent graduates or professionals who are completing their training, to get in touch with our Training Department to check availability of places and dates by sending an email to electronic.