The realization of high quality work, our main objective and commitment to the client, part of a business functioning along with an experience corroborated by the constant demand for our services and the extensive curriculum projects, and of course, thanks to the continuous updating and incorporation of the latest technologies in this sector.

The ideology of BIOSFERA contemplated from the outset that for the performance of their projects must be counted with the best professionals and specialists trained in the disciplines most appropriate for each of the jobs.


personal biosfera

That is why the staff consists of technical expertise in a wide range of environmental disciplines such as biologists, geologists, environmentalists, archaeologists, foresters and forest surveyors, analytical chemists, environmental lawyers, technicians, laboratory technicians and forest management the natural environment, technical analysis and control, among several others.

Only then can offer some pointers services in specific matters such as marine biology, ornithology, taxonomy, geographic information systems and remote sensing, conservation biology, or the management and conservation of the natural environment.

At company level BIOSFERA is structured in several departments involved in the different phases of production. No doubt the technical department is what makes the difference, but could not do their jobs and meet the increasingly demanding requirements of government and the promoters without the support of other departments and areas.