Laboratory service specializing in the natural environment that includes both the sampling in the field and analytics. Taxonomic wildlife determinations, characterization of signs as bones, feathers, droppings, footprints, hair, eggs, etc. Determining the ecological status of water bodies under the Water Framework Directive based on biological parameters, physico-chemical and hydromorphological. Development of sampling protocols and genetic analysis at the population and individual level. Design, sampling and assessment of lentic systems (reservoirs, lakes and ponds), lotic (rivers and streams) and ocean.

Environmental and Biological Laboratory

Collection, Conservation and Analysis of Biological Samples. Taxonomical Determination and Evidence Survey Studies. Sample Taking and Analysis of Water, Soils, Dumps, Emissions, etc.

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Water Framework Directive

Directive 2000/60/CEE. Application of the Quality Indicators in order to determine the Ecological Status of the Continental Surface, Transition, Coastal and Underground Water.

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Genetic Laboratory

Sample Taking and Genetic Analysis. Identification at the Species and Individual Level, Population Characterization. Development of Sample Taking and Analysis Protocols.

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Oceanographic and Limnological Laboratory

Environment Characterization and Sample Taking. Taxonomical Determination of Organisms. Dumping and Sediment Controls. Ecotoxicity, Cyanobacteria and Red Tides.

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