Biosfera begins its foray into overseas markets as Environmental Consulting between 2007 and 2010, currently strengthening its overseas work creating its first subsidiary in 2011.

This process is walking towards our customers continuous environmental improvement to support them in a more sustainable development of their performance by giving our best work and commitment to quality and the environment to achieve the client’s goals and satisfaction.

At present the demand for our services in the international market is expanding by the Quality and Experience in new projects in the implementation of the Environmental Consulting and scientific-technical advice on jobs and contingencies solution and Biodiversity Management both as works our specific laboratory equipment, consulting and engineering for the implementation of major projects and industries that provide for a comprehensive growth and need for your industry.

Currently Biosfera Environmental Consulting is in the process of expanding internationalization and entrenched areas, so has been framed within a group of companies selected for Integral Development Program of Export Capacity developed by the Society of Foreign Promotion Principality of Asturias and the official chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation.