Management and conservation

Technical assistance for the design of protected areas, and write-up of the land management plans of natural resources, use and management master plans of protected spaces, restoration and environmental integration master plans, etc. Preparation of contingency plans for accidents with environmental repercussions, such as pollution due to hydrocarbon spills and other pollutant substances, or soil pollution, among others. Monitoring and Conservation Programmes of natural spaces, protected fauna/wildlife and flora. Planning, Management and sustainable use of the natural resources (forestry, hunting, shellfish farms and fisheries, etc.).

Wildlife and Flora Conservation and Management

Conservation and recuperation plans and species management. Conservation works in situ and ex situ. Management of hunting and fisheries resources. Control of Invasive species.

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Natural Space Conservation and Management

Design and Selection of Areas. Write-up of the Technical Planning and Management Documents. Mobility and Use Studies, Fragmentation Follow-up and Monitoring.

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Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Integrated Management of Coastal Zones. Selection, and Design of Natural Marine Areas. Conservation Measures and Ecosystem Restoration Projects. Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

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