Territorial Management and Landscape

Territorial Management is a technical-administrative procedure which is influenced by numerous scientific disciplines, such as planning, ecology, economics or geography; and its primary objective is to achieve the rational occupancy of the territory by applying the legislation in force in their uses and land use matters. The Landscape, as a component of the environment, is one of the natural values in which society is highly interested and it is the object of protection by numerous laws as well national and international institutions.

Our services include the diagnosis and environmental management of the territory or the Territorial Planning, as well as the write up of Management Plans for Natural Resources, the integration according to the Land Law or the preparation of Regional and Subregional Management Plans and Directives, among many others.

We specialise in the integration of the natural values in the territorial planning catalogued by different protection headings, such as the Protected Natural Spaces, the Natura 2000 network or the Taxon and Habitats stipulated in the Law 42/2007 of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity legislation.

In relation to the Landscape, different jobs and studies are carried out which apply to the territory management and zoning, such as the connectivity analysis and habitat fragmentation studies, studies of the landscape’s visual quality, assessments of risks and disturbances for the landscape, among others. All the studies are aimed at making human activities compatible with the landscape’s quality in the degree possible.

At present, the application of the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) makes it possible to make unprecedented progress in territory planning as well as improve the landscape studies. The possibility to integrate very diverse information sources is focused on the simulation of numerous future scenarios, which will permit appraisal of the alternatives prior to the decision making process.

  • Reception Capacity Maps.
  • Action Maps, Occupancy Maps.
  • Risks and Hazards Maps.
  • Natural Resources and Economic Potential Maps.
  • Quality and Landscape Fragility Maps.
  • Visual Basin Infrastructure Maps.

Consulting Services are provided to apply the Agenda 21 for sustainable development and territory management, which includes the document preparation, diagnosis, planning and follow-up of the actions. Orientation in the European Spatial Development Perspective and the management of Structural Funds in the scope of Regional Management (INTERREG III, URBAN II, PRODER, LEADER+). Recommendations from the European Charter of Regional Territory Management and support in Territorial Custody projects.