Environmental Consulting

Consulting Services in Environmental Issues to Public or Private entities, including backup support in the processing and mediation with the Public Administration. The aim is to provide an integral and viable solution in sectors such as Corporate or Industry Environmental Management, Environmental Policy, Environmental Impact Assessment of a Project, Pollution Control, Scientific Information and Interpretation of the Natural Environment or Territorial Management and Planning. Its successful completion requires carrying out highly diverse jobs such as Biodiversity Studies, Laboratory Analysis, Environmental Maps, Bioengineering or even the material execution of actions.

Territorial Planning and Landscape Protection

Environmental Diagnosis of the Territory. Regional Management Plans. Landscape Studies. Assessment of the Reception Capacity. Agenda 21. Land Cover Maps. Territorial Custody.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Studies, EEA. Impact conditions affecting Natura 2000. Environmental Monitoring Plans and design of protective, corrective and compensation measures. Pollution.

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Enviromental Mapping and GIS

Territorial and Spatial Analysis of Impacts and Processes. Environmental Remote Sensing. Digital Terrain Models. Preparation of Maps, Models and Thematic Studies.

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Scientific Information and Interpretation

Scientific-Technical Consulting Services and Production for Publications, Exhibition Spaces and Signage. Preparation of Summons (LIFE, FEADER, etc.). Environmental Interpretation Programmes.

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Enviromental Management

Fulfilment of Environmental Legislation. Integrated Environmental Authorization and IPPC. ISO 14001. Calculations of Carbon, Hydric and Ecological footprint. Life Cycle Analysis.

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