Flora, Vegetation and Habitats

Flora, Vegetation and Habitat studies which cover location and identification, distribution analysis and the conservation status assessment. The work scope of the botanical studies comprises both angiosperms, gymnosperms, lichens, mosses and ferns, primarily land groups, as well as aquatic macrophytes, macro-algae, phytoplankton and phytobenthos, groups from freshwater and marine environments.

Our services include the preparation of inventories and maps of flora, vegetation and habitats as well as the characterization and assessment of the conservation status of endangered plant species and habitats of Community interest, among many other related activities such as:

  • Current vegetation and potential vegetation studies.
  • Plant Specie Distribution Models (SDM) and Distribution Atlas.
  • Phenology, biology, reproductive and propagative capacity of plant species.
  • Genetic Characterization of plant populations and genetic phenomenon studies.
  • Calculation and application of specific parameters in population management.
  • Design and application of Population Viability Analysis (PVA) models.
  • Determination of sizes of the minimum viable population and the effective population.
  • Preparation of transects, plots, quadrants, pollen records analysis, etc.
  • Location and inventory of exceptional trees.
  • Resistance and resilience calculations of seed banks.

Programme designs and execution of in situ conservation works for Flora Species , including the protection, zoning and restoration of the habitat, translocations; as well as the preparation of ex situ collection and conservation protocols, including the harvesting, selection, preparation and management of the material. Location and selection of indigenous species for replanting projects for altered zones.

Mountain Management Plans and Forest Management Works, such as Forest Inventory, harvestable wood cubic measurements, management plans, wood cutting and removal plans, harvestable wood growth studies, mountain appraisals or mycological uses.

Control and Eradication plans for invasive exotic plant species (Azolla water fern, Pampas grass, Mimosa, Japanese bamboo, Cat’s Claw, German ivy, Cotula (water buttons), Acacia species, etc.). Consulting services to prevent the implantation and proliferation of invasive plant species in quarries, dump sites, infrastructure embankment slopes, marshes, etc. Development of specific protocols for the management and control of these species as well as specific eradication actions in previously invaded areas, by means of physical, chemical or combined methods as well as suitable management of the wastes generated by these actions.