Specialised studies of fauna/wildlife, flora and habitats at the individual, population or community levels, both in land and aquatic (freshwater and marine) ecosystems. It comprises the coordination, design and execution of inventories, tracking and monitoring of biological communities and populations, as well as the evaluation of their conservation status and distribution. Preparation of Capture, Marking/Tagging, Translocation, Recovery and Rehabilitation programmes for protected fauna and flora, as well as invasive fauna and flora programmes. Design of protective, corrective and compensation measures specifically for civil works projects.


Inventories, Maps, and Conservation Status. Characterization and Spatial Distribution Models for protected species. Hunting management. Control and management of exotic invasive species.

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Flora, Vegetation and Habitats

Inventories, Maps and Conservation Status. Characterization of protected species. Taxon and Zone Prioritization. Control of Invasive exotic plant species.

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Tagging and Radio-Tracking

Execution of Capture and Marking/Tagging programmes. Monitoring of Specimens by means of Radio-tracking. Data Receipt, Management and Analysis. Viewer Development.

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Tracking and Monitoring at the Individual, Population and Biological Community Levels. Genetic Characterization of Populations, Consulting Services and Hunting Resources Management.

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Land, Freshwater and Marine Water Salt Biological Communities and Ecosystems

Conservation Status, Vulnerability, and Absorption Capacity of the Natural Environment. Ecological Status according to DMA. Potentiality and Value-Added Development of Natural Resources.

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