Wildlife and Flora Conservation and Management

The Management of wildlife and plant resources involves the knowledge of a series of specific procedures for species and habitat conservation strategies, such as the write-up and development of recovery, conservation and management plans, or the application of conservation and replacement techniques. The main international agreements and treaties are considered as the reference legislation for the conservation and management of biodiversity as well as the basic, national and autonomous legislation.

Our services include the preparation of technical documents for the Management, Protection and Conservation of Flora and Wildlife species, as well as technical assistance for the write-up of protected species management plans, selection and protection of the areas of greatest interest, development of breeding/cultivation programmes for population reinforcement, among numerous other related activities.

  • Action plans on endangered species.
  • Risk factor analysis and control.
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary studies.
  • Expert reports and damage payment liability.
  • Scientific Information and Awareness
  • Application of legal protection measures.
  • Follow-up and control of the measures enforcement.
  • Calculation of the territory’s load capacity
  • Population Management throughout several generations.
  • Botanical Garden, Zoo or Aquarium Management.

Consulting Services to guarantee in the degree possible, the conservation of species at the individual and population level, both in situ and ex situ, by applying the most suitable techniques for each one of the target species, thus facilitating the management of fragmented populations, the recovery of the connectivity or even the reintroduction in the zones where they had disappeared.

We specialise in the execution of conservation measures for protected species and in the control and eradication of invasive species which can accordingly be competitors or predators.

  • Translocations of populations of interest. /li>
  • Prevention and control of exotic species.
  • Reintroduction and repopulation projects.
  • Habitat management and adaptation.
  • Release and reintroduction protocols.
  • Control of predators and other risk factors.
  • Multiplication and regeneration protocols.
  • In vitro cultivation techniques, seed banks and germplasm.
  • Harvest, selection and material preparation protocols and works.
  • Cryopreservation and long-term conservation of genetic material.

Planning and sustainable management of Hunting and Fishery Resources, as well as the analysis of the Impact of these activities on the ecosystems.

Consulting Services and the preparation of hunting management models (species of hunting interest, hunting types, hunting management models, hunting legislation, etc.) and the planning and management of the continental and marine fishery resources (permitted fishing species, fishing methods, and fishing legislation, fishery production, stocks optimum and maximum sustainable captures, recommendable minimum sizes, etc.)

Genetic Studies at the population level to determine the degree of genetic variability and consanguinity (inbreeding) as well as genetic diseases. Identification at the species and individual level based on their evidence and remains and identification of the population management units. Analysis of the environmental and genetic variables to carry out the Population Viability Analysis (PVA) and calculate the Minimum Viable Population for a particular species in a specific territory and even assist with the design and management of the genetic reserves.