Natural Space Management and Conservation

The Management of Natural Spaces in its most extensive context covers all the tasks of monitoring, maintenance, conservation, investigation, administration, supervision and management of equipment facilities for public use which are developed inside the protected natural spaces. The aim of Natural Spaces is to promote the Conservation of nature and protection of the environment, without neglecting other objects such as scientific information and social awareness.

Our services include the technical assistance in the preparation of the technical documents of the Natural Space Planning and Management, which include the Management Plans for Natural Resources, Use and Management Master Plans, the Use and Management standards, the Activities Programme, the Public Use Plans, Sustainability Reports, among many other related activities.

  • Forest Fire Prevention Plans.
  • Contingency Plans for environmental accidents.
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the Management plans.
  • Integration of different protected spaces plans.
  • Socio-economic Integration in the planning.
  • Ecological Connectivity Plans.
  • Natural Space Zoning Plans.
  • Restoration Master Plans.
  • Communication and Scientific Information Strategy.

Selection of the reserves and identification of the zones of interest for conservation, as well as the application of algorithms for the conservation of territories with high value, gap analysis, space prioritization, etc. Design and application of techniques for the reinforcement of ecological corridors and fauna crossing points. Consulting Services in Resource Management, in the security and surveillance monitoring, in the design of work activity timetable diagram or in the implantation of the Quality standards in natural spaces.

Consulting Services for the detection and control of Potential Threats for natural spaces, such as the episodes of habitat destruction, fragmentation phenomenon, soil desertification, pollution incidents, species overexploitation, presence of exotic or invasive species, ecosystem deterioration, impact conditions due to diseases, impact of climate change, etc.

We specialise in the design and execution of Monitoring plans for Species and Natural Communities of Protected Spaces, as well as the in the evaluation of the Conservation Status, the calculation of the environment load capacity, the Population Viability Analysis (PVA), Conservation techniques in situ and ex situ, Species Recovery, Conservation and Management Plans, and Population reintroduction and reinforcement plans.

Space Distribution, Mobility and Use Studies in relation to the Wildlife, and Fragmentation Studies and improvement of the connectivity of Plant Populations and Habitats. Fishery, Hunting and Forestry Management applied to the conservation of species and habitats.