Integrated Coastal Zone Management

The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is an iterative, multidisciplinary and dynamic process which promotes the sustainable development of coastal areas. Also known as Integrated Littoral Area Management (ILAM), it aims to balance the environmental, economic, social, cultural and recreational objectives on a long-term basis, all within the limits which the natural dynamics establish.

Our services include Consulting Services for the selection and design of protected marine areas (IBAs, Natura 2000 Network, etc.), as well as the preparation of the technical documentation for the Planning and Management of these natural marine and littoral spaces. In order to fulfil the legislation in force and achieve the sustainable management of the Coastal zones, this requires the suitable Urban Planning and Territorial Management, always based on the expert analysis and zoning of the coastal areas of interest.

Consulting Services for the Coastal Regression Control by optimisation of the aggregate extractions, the adaptation of barriers to sedimentary transport, and the design and adaptation of sustainable promenades, the Environmental Follow-up of coastal works and infrastructures, among other tasks.

Consulting Services and Management of fish farm and shellfish farm resources (primary production, fishery production, stocks, optimum and maximum sustainable captures, etc.), as well as marine aquaculture (also known as mariculture) and aquaculture.

We specialise in the study and characterization of species and communities present in coastal ecosystems (tidal, intertidal and underwater areas), in risk identification (critical areas due to erosion phenomenon, problems in the beaches and natural ecosystems of the littoral areas, public use management, etc.), and in the Ecosystem Recovery and Restoration projects (replanting, stabilisation of natural elements, capture traps, protection systems, transplants, prevention and control of invasive exotic organisms, use of artificial structures for submarine ecosystems, mineral addition, etc.), among other related activities.

  • Preparation of bionomic maps.
  • Study and Characterization of Natural Resources.
  • Natural Functionality Indexes,
  • Degree of Naturalness of the intertidal zone.
  • Coastal Landscape Studies and Landscape Indexes.
  • Water Framework Directive.