Historical heritage

Historical Heritage is the set of tangible and intangible assets, produced by societies and accumulated throughout time, and which must be properly conserved, managed and appraised within a sustainable development model. These assets can be art, historical, paleontological, archaeological, documentary, bibliographical, ethnographic, artistic, scientific, or technical type.

Our services include Heritage Consulting Services and Expert advice about cultural and historical assets such as historical heritage consulting services, the archaeological Environmental Impact Studies , the archaeological action plans, or the archaeological Follow-ups and controls in civil works projects.

We specialise in the management of cultural heritage and the minimisation of the impact conditions of the Projects and Civil Works which affect the heritage. For this purpose, the most traditional jobs are carried out such as prospecting, excavations, archaeological, paleontological boring probes, ethnographic, historical and artistic explorations, etc.; as well as the application of the new Information Technologies such as (Geographic Information Systems), or the most modern geophysics methods for the detection of remains/ruins with Geo-Radar or GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar).

Other activities related to Archaeology include:

  • Mapping of Paleontological and Archaeological Sites.
  • Location of graveyards (necropolis), roads, walls and fossil remains.
  • Detection of galleries and passageways in archaeological excavations and constructions.
  • Study and illustration of the archaeological materials and sites (pieces/artefacts, planimetry, geological surveys (stratigraphy), etc.).
  • Evaluation, diagnosis, and conservation of Archaeological material, as well as its restoration.
  • Design of Archaeological and Heritage parks, including signalling and information panels.
  • Preparation of Archaeological, Heritage and Interpretative Routes .
  • Expert Surveys and Archaeological and Historical-Artistic Heritage Reports.
  • Cleaning and cutting of Archaeological Sites.
  • Inventories of Archaeological and Cultural Assets.