Geology and geotechnical engineering

Environmental Geology is the science which, jointly with the geological engineering and environmental geography, focuses on the study of the interaction of humans and their activities with the geological environment and geodiversity, understood as the set of natural geological resources with major scientific, cultural and/or educational value, which are geological formations and structures, terrain forms, minerals, rocks, fossils, soils and other geological manifestations. Geotechnical Engineering is focused on the study of soils and rocks underneath the surface to determine their properties and design the foundations for structures such as buildings, bridges, hydroelectric power plants, stabilise embankment slopes, build tunnels and motorways, etc.

Our services include the geology study at the local and regional level, primarily to determine the Environmental Viability and optimum location of different facilities and equipment sites (dumps/landfills, quarries, industrial parks, motorways, electrical power lines, etc.), although more specific studies can also be prepared.

  • Geomorphology and surface formations. Edaphology (soil science) and soil maps
  • Lithostratigraphy and facies characterization
  • Energy, mineral, metal, industrial rock and ornamental gem prospecting.
  • Operation Site Expansions and work plans in investigation permits.
  • Follow-up and control of underground and open-cast works.
  • Geomorphological studies and diagnosis. Geo-Radar-GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar).
  • Reconstruction of paleo-landscapes based on sedimentological analysis.
  • Morphoscopic analysis of arenaceous, lithofacies and biofacies textures.

Consulting Services for the management and conservation of the Geological Heritage, either by means of the study and characterization of the exceptional geomorphological elements (gravel areas, dune, snowfield and glacier areas, etc.), or by means of the location and effective development of the Locations of Geological Interest (LGI).

Geotechnical Studies, boring probes, geophysical and foundation calculations are carried out for the construction of single-family houses, industrial warehouses, and other constructions, as well as the preliminary land studies and preliminary projects of Linear Works (electrical power lines, toll motorways/motorways, railways), location of borrow-pits and dump sites, and other related activities.

  • Recovery and rehabilitation of polluted soils.
  • Soil treatments and decontamination.
  • Soil erosion control.
  • Top soil management. Denuded soil control.
  • Identification studies of geological risks and solutions.
  • Prevention and correction of landslides, subsidence and erosion phenomenon.
  • Stability of mountain sides, embankment slopes, excavations and landfills.
  • Control and Environmental Follow-up measures. Modelling and Prediction systems.