Acustics aspects

Environmental Acoustics refers to the effects of sound in exterior locations on people, nature and the organisms which live in the environment. The main sources of environmental noise are vehicle traffic, the noise generated by trains and aircraft or specific activities such as demolitions, blasting, treatment plants or industrial installations. Considered to be a worldwide concern, the problems of environmental noise produce huge costs, major environmental impact and the loss of a quality lifestyle.

Our services include the base noise or sound environment characterization of the space prior to the actions, as well as noise control measures of activities and Infrastructures (wind farms, roads, railways, aircraft and other industrial activities), and specific measurements (blasting, demolition works, etc.), always according to the standard ISO 9613.

Minimisation of the acoustic impact and correction measures, as well as the control and Follow-up of the fulfilment of the established noise limits

Evaluation of the impact conditions due to environmental noise to the Wildlife populations, including the assessment of alternatives to a Biological Rest Period, adapting the work timetable diagrams to the migration or reproduction seasons, which considers the installation of acoustic devices among other measures.

Assessment of Technical Solutions to minimise the acoustic impact such as underground installations, insulation, or both natural and artificial acoustic barriers or screens, among other measures.

Consulting services in the project planning and alternative evaluations, including designs, calculations, modelling of the noise mitigation for the existing acoustic devices in the market.

Project evaluations and location alternatives for activities and routes, preparing Prediction Models of the acoustic impact and the calculation of the sound propagation in exterior spaces and the preparation of Specific Maps (base noise maps, strategic noise maps, load capacity maps, etc.).