Scientific Information and Interpretation

Scientific Information is the set of activities which facilitate the interpretation and accessibility of knowledge about the environment to the general public. The desired objective is to increase awareness, educate and modify attitudes in an objective way about the global reality of the environment, both the natural and social environments which are consequently focused on the essentials of sustainable and balanced development.

Our services include Scientific-Technical Consulting Services for the production, design and execution of press reports, documentaries, and Technical and Scientific Information publications as well as numerous other activities related to Scientific Information and Interpretation.

  • Organisation of Environmental events and activities such as courses and workdays in environmental matters addressed to the Public Administration personnel, natural environment agents, environmental educators/trainers, professional associations and schools among other collective groups.
  • Preparation of dioramas, scenographies and replicas of fauna and flora, as well as reconstructions of habitats and natural environments.
  • Organisation, design, installation and management of travelling exhibits and equipment facilities for interpretation centres, environmental education centres, visitor reception centres, nature classrooms, etc.
  • Preparation of signage, scientific and educational material to facilitate the interpretation of Natural Spaces. Design and signalling of routes and interpretative itineraries in natural spaces and zones with natural and cultural values of interest.
  • Backup Support-Guide and interpretation of the natural environment by the observation of exceptional Wildlife and Flora (bird watching, endemic flora, whale watching, etc.).
  • Identification and Value-added Development of alternative activities for the promotion of sustainable tourism (interpretative routes, promenades, Ethnographic and Cultural Elements, etc.).

Preparation of official summons of LIFE, LIFE +, FEDER Projects, etc., search for collaborators and support as well as coordination, scientific-technical supervision and follow-up for their proper execution.